The Journey Begins

Whilst working in the beauty industry for most of my life, I continued to see how skincare products impact the environment.

I remember unpacking product orders, noticing every item within plastic sleeves, inside plastic bags, all surrounded by plastic packing cushions.

There was no need for all this excess plastic packaging.

Working in the industry I had also enjoyed high-quality skincare, the ingredients and the results.

For many years, I have been a devoted user of personal tanning products. They have played a significant role in building my confidence, and I have tried various tans, including creams, dark mouses, and foams.

Despite using different tanning products, I never could find one that I truly loved and continued to use consistently. Additionally, upon researching the ingredients of these tans, I realised they were filled with unfamiliar ingredients and harmful chemicals.

I became aware how these products made my skin feel after using them. I often was left with incredibly dry skin, clogged pores and even break outs. As a skin therapist, I understood the rituals with skincare and quality ingredients that should be in them. It was clear that these products couldn’t be good for long term use.

It is our mission to empower a new generation of beauty that cares for the beauty of this world.

Cruelty Free

None of our products or their ingredients are tested on Animals.

Made from Plants

All of our ingredients are vegan and plant based.

Water based Serum

Our solution is water based, transparent and scentless.

No Color Guide

Our tan technology allows buildable tanning without a color guide.

Carbon Neutral

Everything we do is to lower our carbon impact and have zero impact on the environment.

A New Better Solution

This was when we decided to investigate if it was possible to create a sustainable beauty brand, removing the wasteful practices experienced in the clinic, and specialising in the “ultimate skincare personal tan”.

After spending 2 years researching and designing the ultimate personal tan, we arrived at a super lightweight, scentless, full natural tan which leaves the skin healthy, hydrated, and glowing.

We were talking one day about a name, what name could outline this new generation of beauty and personal tan, getting away from that old school thick, foamy and dirty looking tan. “Well this will be your next tan, how about NEXTANN?”

All our packaging is made from recycled plastics and cardboard materials. Bringing sustainable practices to the beauty industry and leading the way. We are extremely excited to bring our earth first beauty brand to you so you can finally have your ultimate skincare personal tan, your NEXTANN.

Ashlee x

Skin Health and 2AM Tuesday Mornings.

We have spent over 2 years working on researching, sampling and testing all our products and their packaging to make sure we are bringing only the highest quality of products to our customers.

We started to research how and where we could find recycled materials for our packaging and got in contact with manufacturers all over the world. There were a lot of meetings at crazy times (2AM Tuesday Morning) and back and forwards with designers to come up with the perfect solution.

Developing the Serum Tan Mist formula was super exciting! As a Skin Therapist, all things skin and ingredients are what I am most passionate about. I love to know all the ingredients and how they work for the skin at a cellular level. So, with developing our Serum Tan Mist formula, there was no exception, I knew it needed to care for the skin long term as well as being a Tan.