We approach everything we do with an Earth First Mentality. Using recycled materials for all packaging and offsetting our carbon footprint on all orders. Opting for Recycled Polyester for our Tanning Mitt, Biodegradable Plant Viscose for the Exfoliating Glove and Plant Derived Ingredients for our Serum Tan Mist formula.

Recycled Plastic Bottles (PCR)

When starting to design our Brand and products, there was absolutely no doubt in our mind that we would only source and use recycled plastic for our Bottles that are also 100% recyclable.

PCR or Post-consumer recycled plastic comes from plastics that have either been recycled previously or collected from our environment such as the ocean. This means there is no need to create new virgin raw plastic when we have so much available already, and it's polluting our planet.

The amount of plastic entering our oceans is expected to have tripled by 2040 by approximately 29 million metric tons per year. Approximately 8.3 billion tons of plastic on earth, almost 6.3 billion of that is already recorded as waste.

Recycled Polyester (rPET)

Recycled polyester is made from melting down old, recycled plastics, like abandoned fishing nets at the bottom of the ocean and spinning them into new polyester fabrics.

A 2019 Greenpeace report found that an estimated 10% of all marine debris is lost or abandoned fishing gear, coined as ‘ghost gear’. Approximately 800 animal species are impacted by ocean waste, a figure that represents a 23% increase since 2012. Ghost gear comprises of nets, ropes and lines made of robust plastic materials that have been discarded; often difficult to retrieve and dispose of.

Regular virgin polyester is made from raw plastic and the environmental impacts of manufacturing virgin polyester compared to rPET is unmatched.

FSC Recycled Cardboard

All our card packaging is made with FSC recycled card. This is card that has been sourced from FSC certified forests, used, recycled, and then reclaimed into the card used in our packaging and boxes.

According to a Green Matters article, some of the greatest benefits to consumers, businesses, and the environment is the utilization of recycled paper.

Everything we use from our card boxes, to our Honeycomb paper packing in our fulfilment warehouse and our information cards, is made from FSC forests. And where we can, we have used reclaimed old recycled card and made into new card boxes.

Biodegradable Plant Viscose

Viscose is a material made using wood from fast growing and regenerative trees and made into chip. It then undergoes a process to make pulp fibre then spun into yarn to be made into the fabric you see and feel. This fabric is biodegradable and will breakdown in natural soil.

When designing our gentle Exfoliating Glove, we knew how important the environmental impact, texture of the material and hygiene was to us. We found that plant viscose aligned with what we were looking for.

Plant viscose is a breathable fabric ensuring your Exfoliating Glove will dry well between uses to prevent any bacteria build up. Another characteristic is its ability to be strong and robust even while being soft and gentle on the skin. These were all key factors when picking the perfect fabric to help aid healthy skin.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

We believe that plant-based vegan products are the solution to revitalising the skin and environment.

We only use ingredients that are made from plants and come from nature for our Serum Tan Mist formula.

Plants are the primary source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all which act to hydrate, protect and nourish your skin.

We strongly prohibit any animal testing and will not accept any ingredients or suppliers that carry out this practice.

It is our ultimate intention to put our best foot forward for the sustainability and protection of our plant and all who call it home.

Sustainable Offices

We are always on the hunt for more sustainable ways to accomplish what we, as a brand, are passionate about.

Ensuring that every facet of our brand aligns with our environmental vision. That mission begins with the basics, so here is the rundown on our sustainable office approach.

Our office spaces are designed with eco-friendly alternatives- from energy-efficient LED bulbs, to the efforts in completely removing single use office products.

We have made the simple efforts to provide green cleaning products, reusable kitchen items to cut back on waste, as well as optimizing our smaller office spaces.

Doing what we can to promote environmentally friendly choices for our office spaces, reflects the individuals who work with us.